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Australian Shepherds

Raising quality ranch and family dogs

All Rockin D Australian Shepherds are ASDR registered and the adults are genetically tested. We aim to produce the perfect combination of ranch and family dog. We look for certain traits in each of our breeding females : ability to work livestock, kindness, trainability, and temperament.  Our puppies are raised in a family setting. All puppies are vaccinated with their first shot and are on a consistent deworming schedule by the time they leave at 8 weeks. The puppies will each leave with their own puppy kit which includes the following: ASDR Registration paper work, Deworming schedule, shot schedule, a copy of the parent's genetic paperwork, a bag of their current puppy food, a tube of digestisure, and their favorite stuffed animal. They are well socialized and used to the outdoors by the time they depart our ranch.

Australian Shepherds: Meet the Team

Owning an Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are amazing dogs but are they the right dog for you?

Australian Shepherds are incredibly intelligent and loving dogs, however they are not for everyone. Aussies were developed first and foremost as a working breed. They have very strong herding instincts and will sometimes herd people and other animals. This can include nipping at heels and trying to prevent motion. They can be very loving family pets, but also very protective of their territory and family members. They are among the most intelligent dog breeds and this alone can occasionally pose a challenge for novice pet owners. Obedience training is a must as they can become very willful at times. They require strenuous physical exercise on a regular basis and need a considerable amount of mental stimulation or they will become bored and become destructive and disruptive. However, with proper training, adequate space, and committed owners, Australian Shepherds are amazing companions. They are goofy, fun loving, active and very playful. Aussies are generally great with children and if all their needs are met are fantastic family dogs.

Australian Shepherds: Mission

Meet the Pack

We have 4 absolutely gorgeous females that we alternate breeding. These girls are well trained and demonstrate ability to work, trainability, gentleness when it comes to kids, and are just all around well behaved and so sweet. (All 4 live in the house with us so good behavior is a must). Out males Finley and Boone live with our breeding partner, but are just as sweet as can be and incredibly good minded.


Legally Mad


Zoey, if you don't already know her, is a happy go lucky, loveable, spunky energetic, attention seeking, aussie. She stands a bit more on the smaller side of standards (measuring 17.5" at the shoulder and weighing about 45 lbs) but she is 100% all boss material. She is fiercely protective of her family and her home and isn't afraid to let other dogs and strangers that don't belong on the property know it. She is a high drive dog with all the grit and determination you could hope for in a working dog.

More Pics

I'll Be Your Huckleberry


Holly is ASDR registered and is the best working dog we own. She is one of those dogs you can talk to and she understands everything you say and what must be done. She is my take everywhere dog and the story behind her is bittersweet. She is the very last of my Huckleberry x Zoey pups before we lost Huck. Then to top it off, Holly almost didn't make it very long into this world. Zoey was exhausted after whelping out 6 pups and didn't get the amniotic sack off in a normal time, so thankfully we were able to help her by breaking the sac, towel drying Holly to simulate her mothers licks until she gulped down a huge breath of air. We all sighed with relief on that one.


Blue Meadows Larkspur


Sadie was my impulse purchase that I will never regret. She is the sweetest red tri with the most gorgeous blue eyes. She is the household lovebug. All this dog wants to do is be a couch potato. She enjoys being, groomed, snuggling in between everyone for a good movie (she'll even sit on the couch upright like a human) and if she really loves you she'll lean her head on your shoulder and fall asleep. That's not to say she won't work, she just prefers the life of pamper and comfort. She is AKC and ASDR registered. Her top side of pedigree is full of champion show dogs which of course lends to her beautiful stature.


Belle's Mad Maddie

Maddie May

Maddie is the youngest of our females. We brought her home after being on a breeders waiting list for two years! It was a dream come true, only to find out, she wants nothing to do with us and is 100% dedicated to our daughter. Every time that child steps foot outside Maddie is there to escort her wherever she may be going, whether it's to the barn to feed cats, horses or cows, or down into the pasture on an adventure, they are inseparable. Maddie is a bit more standoffish with new people and won't let you snuggle and love on her unless she can trust you, however she has all the desire to work and is the type that will die protecting her family.

More Pics

Huckleberry Finn


Finley is our homegrown stud. He was one of only 2 males in our very first Huck x Zoey Litter. He was a spitting image of his father and had my heart right from the start. He resides with a dear friend and breeding partner. He is literally her best friend and goes with her everywhere. He's incredibly intelligent, very well behaved and really enjoys it when he comes back to the ranch for visits and he gets to work cattle. He is a medium drive dog who knows when it's time to turn it off.


The Big Boone Theory


Boone is a big stocky aussie that loves everyone. I don't think this dog has met a stranger yet. He is a total goofball that is here to hang and have a good time. He is definitely a lower drive Aussie that would be happy and content to spend his days laying about and chatting up girls. That being said, doesn't mean the boy can't work. He can kick it into gear when he has to.

Australian Shepherds: Meet the Team


Merles - $1000
Tris - $800
Breeding Rights - $500 in addition to purchase of the puppy.

Australian Shepherds: Text

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