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Our Foals

A look at our past and present foals.

This page is here not only to show you what we currently have available for foals, but to give our viewers an idea of the type of foal we aim for in our breeding program.


Lady Rude

One Smart Mate x Primoboon Freckles

Rue is our first filly to be born here at Rockin D Ranch. She is kind eyed, sweet, intelligent, gritty, athletic and essentially everything we look for in our mares. The fact that she's a gorgeous red roan doesn't hurt either. She has a bright future here and we cannot wait to see what she accomplishes.


Kitties n Beer

Rocky Mountain Blues x Thornalena

Brew comes from exceptional breeding. His sire Rocky has a LTE of $200,000 in the cutting pen. His dam Lena started her life as a cutter but quickly outgrew the cutting pen and went on to the roping pen. There she excelled in not only heading, but heeling as well. She has earned over $300,000 in the roping pen. Brew is qualified in the following incentives: Super Stakes, Breeders Invitational, and NRCHA.


The Metallic Aristocat (SOLD)

Dandy Cat x Little Aristolena 
Bay Roan Colt

Nickey was born April 25 2020. His appearance is a very special one as his dam Little Aristolena suffered a tendon sheath infection this past winter and the vet wasn't sure she'd make it to her foaling date. Several months later she foaled Nickey out and has been recovering splendidly since then.


RD Little Cattylac (sold)

Metallica Cat x Little Aristolena

RD Little Cattylac is a sorrel rabicano gelding that was foaled here on the ranch and sold last year as a yearling. He has a strong future as a fantastic rope horse with his future owner.


RD Lil Spoonolena (sold)

Lil Spoon x Little Aristolena

Lil Spoonolena (Little Man) was a dark bay colt born here on the ranch in 2017. He was puppy dog gentle from the day he was born and an in your pocket type of colt. He was by far the easiest to halter break out of any of the colts we've raised. He was sold to a dear friend of ours for use as a ranch gelding.


RD Smart Lil Badger (sold)

Yubasan x Lil Aristolena

Smart Lil Badger aka Bear was aptly named. He was a stocky built sorrel rabicano born in May of 2014. He was sold to a gentleman in Aurora IL and is being used in Charro Competitions. We received updates from Fabian and how pleased he is with how well him and Bear are doing in the show pen.

Our Foals: Meet the Team
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