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The Boys

aka Our Geldings

We have a nice selection of geldings that we use in both competition and ranch work. These guys have been put through the ringer and all have been day handed on for months at a time.

The Boys: Meet the Team

2015 Gelding
(Sparky Boss x Ms Stylish Quail)

"Boss Quail" aka Junior, is aptly named because he looks just like his sire Sparky Boss. Junior is a very athletic well minded gelding. He is a quick study with a big motor and looks pretty while he does it all. He is currently roping on both the head and heel side.


2005 Gelding
(Fae Kings Go Bars Go x Smooth Mandy)

Bucephalus aka Boosie is a 14.3 hand tall all around gelding. Need calves drug, he's your horse, need a play day horse, he's it. Head horse extraordinaire, there isn't a steer that will out run him. He's our go to extra riding horse when we have visitors on the ranch. He is one of the best solid ranch horses we have ever owned.


2003 Gelding
(Docs Royal Hourglass x Miss Apres Bars)

Royal Rattler Cord (aka Chubby) is a 13.3 quarter horse pony. He is by far our baby sitting husband safe gelding. Need someone you can trust, he's the horse. You're not getting very far very fast with his short legs, but he's as sturdy and dependable as a horse twice his size. He's our perfect horse for those who are learning to rope on the heel-o-matic. His hobbies include bossing around the other horses and food. He will work for food.


2020 Gelding
Dandy Cat (Metallic Cat) x Little Aristolena (Smart Aristocat)

TheMetallicAristocat aka. Nickey, is a 2 yr old gelding that was born and raised right here on the farm. He is a smart, funny gorgeous little guy that has all the athletic ability to be a cutter, or reined cow horse as well as a phenomenal heel horse. He should top out at 14.2 hands.

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